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Gabi in concert

Since 1980 I sing songs in various arrangements such as concerts or church services etc. The composers of the songs are well known German songwriters like Manfred Siebald, Siegfried Fietz, Jürgen Werth, and even Reinhard Mey.


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My actual CD:

CD beziehungsweise

The 13 songs of this CD reflect the different relationships between parents and children, husband and wife, friends, and between men and God.

Listen to some examples:

Bin überreich beschenkt (This first song describes how rich God presents us with the gift of true and honest friends and that we can see or feel God's love through these friends.) (0:55)

Du bist du (This song explains how precious everyone of us is. Everybody is an original, is different from any other person in the world. And God wanted every person to be.) (0:54)

Wie ein Fest nach langer Trauer (This song describes how beautiful reconciliation is: like rain in a desert, like a light in the darkness, or fire in a cold night, like a key in prison, like life, love, and God himself.) (1:14)  

Seid fröhlich in Hoffnung (This last song of the CD - and my favorite, I think - wants to give us hope in all our problems and difficult situations. The refrain is from ROMANS 12: 12, "Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times!".) (0:51)

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Two older productions

are available on two different MCs - or both together on one CD with 22 songs and a length of more than 70 minutes:

CD Befiehl... / DENNOCH...


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