Cliff's Friends talking about him

Several friends Cliff had on Death Row wrote about him:


James BeathardOf all people I've lost in my life, I miss Cliff most of all. Every day I wish he were there to talk to about one thnig or another. I always think "Cliff would like this", or "what would he say?". He was like a brother to me. Even now, many of us here speak of Cliff, and his name comes up when we tell the new kids about the good man who have died.

When I was in the cell with Cliff, I found it hard to do any painting. I guess I was intimidated by Cliff's talent. But I still had art in my life because I watched Cliff work, and we spent countless hours discussing art, planning paintings together. After he died, there was no one left to discuss art with.

James Beathard (August 1999)

James was Cliff's closest friend. He was executed on December 9, 1999 - although there have been serious doubts concerning his guilt. His story is to be found HERE.


I was a big fan of Cliff's artwork. I like to draw and am not half bad, but I was never in a class with Cliff. Now that guy was an artist.

J. D. (July 1999)


I've always enjoyed his art work, I tell you lady that brother was so gifted, and although I know he's in a greater place, he sure is missed something awful.

G. F. (October 1999)


Cliff's execution last year hurt me more than anyone else that I have lost in my almost nine years here. I am Native American, and due to lifelong prejudice I have experienced because of my culture and heritage, I long ago became a very private person. Cliff knew of, and very much respected, my desire for privacy, and he "understood" why I felt as I did about not getting close (making friends) with people. In his life, he also experienced much rejection, and somehow he and I did grow close. Cliff was my next door neighbor; he was such a close and dear friend; he was my "brother" and I miss him so very much.

On my radio I listen only to an "oldies" station, music from the 60's and 70's. Every time I hear the song entitled, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", it really tears me up, for Cliff always sang this song in his cell. He would laugh at me and say, "After I 'go home', when you hear that song you'll know it's me saying hi. You know me, I'll still talk to my friend."

I saw him for ten minutes privately late that last night; he gave me a cross from around his neck; we touched fingers through the wire; I told him I loved him as a brother; and he was shackled and led away. My friend was gone, but he is never forgotten.

R. P. (September 1999) - executed October 2002


JeffLike I said I knew Cliff pretty good and liked him. Something else I came to see I had in common with him was that we were both extremely sensitive. In here people do their best not to show it, for different reasons ranging from fear, to knowing that you'll be taken advantage of. But let me tell you, on more than one occasion I saw the man cry. Not because he wanted to make a show or anything, because he either hurt from something said or done to him, to watching a Television show. We both know Boggy was not a small man, but I also saw him more than once walk away when he was being threatened or taken advantage of. It's not very often in a place so filled with both hate and violance that you see a man like Boggy was. I just could never imagine him killing another human being. I remember once he had a problem here with this female guard that worked in the Garment Factory and some of the male guards came and took him down to the Sgt.'s office where they threatened to kill him. What got me was when I went up to 3 row, he stayed in 2cell up on 3 row at the time, on this wing here. But when I went up to see why he hadn't come out, he was curled in the fetal position crying like a child. I remember the anger I felt at that instant. Some of the guys thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen, but I swear to you my heart was breaking inside. I saw a man that was willing to accept anything so long as he didn't have to hurt anyone else. You see where as most saw Boggy as either scared, some thought he was gay. But me, I saw a man that was afraid to fight, but not because he was scared of being hurt, but of the pain he was capable of inflicting. He was afraid he might loose control.

Jeff Doughtie (February 1999)

Jeff Doughtie was executed on August 16, 2001.


Cliff's wonderful individual personality, person, character, spirit and being shall be forever alive within our hearts and memories.

T. M. (September 1999)


Cliff was a good friend, I'm thankful that I got a chance to know him. I wish you could have known him longer, he was a really nice guy. Yes, I was one of the 5 (besides Cliff and the priest, Fr. Walsh) to attend Cliff's final Mass. That was something I won't forget. It was sad to be there and know that we would loose him the next day, but it was special and encouraging too because of Cliff's actual peace-filled cheerfulness.

Garry Miller (January 2000)

Garry Miller was executed on December 5, 2000.


Timothy GribbleCliff and I were friends for many years. The one thing that really stands out in all the memories I have of him is that he was always smiling. He had an easy smile and a sunny disposition. I am literally reminded of Cliff on a daily basis - he lived in this very cell the last few months of his life. On the walls are a few crude pencil drawings where it looks like he was experimenting with ideas before commiting them to paper. Parts of his last drawing - Christ on the cross - are here, I never tried to wash or clean them off. So as you see, I live with a reminder of Cliff everyday. I am comforted in the fact that I believe he is in a much better place now and no longer has to endure the sadness and frustration of this life.

Timothy Gribble (November 1999)

Timothy Gribble was executed on March 15, 2000.